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Maybe you’re considering releasing equity from your property to utilise the tied-up funds? Or perhaps none of these scenarios fit your situation. Whatever your unique circumstance, you can rely on Mortgage Knight to provide the specialised advice and assistance tailored for you.

Re-Mortgaging in the UK:

Re-mortgaging involves switching your current mortgage to a new deal and is driven by various motives, such as:

Home improvements Debt consolidation Seeking a better rate Equity release Anticipated or actual changes in your financial situation Re-mortgaging has gained popularity in the UK. January 2018 witnessed 49,800 re-mortgages, marking the highest figure in the last decade—an increase of 19.1 percent compared to January 2017. Among these, there were 16,500 buy-to-let re-mortgages, up by 17.9 percent from the previous year.

Comparison Websites and High Street Banks for Re-Mortgages:

The conventional approach of approaching your bank for a re-mortgage has limitations. Your bank’s offers are confined to their specific range, restricting your options. Therefore, an independent mortgage provider, specialising in your unique circumstances, is essential.

While many turn to digital comparison websites, this route isn’t advisable. These platforms overlook the lender’s criteria, policies, and how they treat contractors. Our service covers this groundwork, with a deep understanding of the best financial products tailored for contractors.

Simplifying the Contractor Re-Mortgage Process:

Whether you seek to consolidate debts into your mortgage for manageable monthly outgoings or aim for a better deal, we’re here to help. Our team of expert mortgage brokers has handled numerous re-mortgages, particularly focusing on contractors who’ve faced challenges with High Street banks and standard providers.

We comprehend your payment structure, offering advice precisely tailored to your circumstances. With a pool of over 15,000 mortgage products, we’ll find what suits you best. We provide insights on potential savings and decipher the implications of various financial products. If you’re currently on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) or nearing the end of your current interest rate, re-mortgaging could lead to significant savings.

Contact Us for Advice on Re-Mortgaging:

If you seek information on the best re-mortgaging options for your specific circumstances, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our experienced and friendly advisors are ready to answer your queries and guide you through available options, all at no cost and with no obligation to use our service.

Call us today for a comprehensive quote tailored to your contractor position and circumstances. Reach out or call us today to speak with one of our expert mortgage brokers on 02081437777.



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