Next time mortgage 

No matter the situation, securing your mortgage approval swiftly is essential.

You might assume that obtaining a second mortgage would be simpler, but unfortunately, it often proves twice as complicated. Introductory rates and first-time buyer schemes no longer apply, making the process considerably tougher. Yet, with our specialised guidance, we can ensure you secure the right mortgage for your needs.

Switching Mortgages for Your Next Property Purchase:

Since your initial mortgage application, two significant changes might have occurred: either in your circumstances or with your mortgage provider.

Changes in Your Situation: In recent years, many have transitioned to remote work, potentially shifting from conventional employment with payslips to a contractual basis when buying their first house. If your situation has evolved, especially towards contract-based work, seeking specialised assistance is vital. We comprehend the intricacies of your work status and can present it to mortgage providers in a way that maximises your chances of securing the right mortgage.

Changes in Your Mortgage Provider: While your circumstances might remain largely the same, your mortgage provider may have revised its lending criteria. Couple this with escalating house prices, which rose by 4.5 percent between January 2018 and January 2019, potentially limiting the amount you can borrow.

Hence, collaborating with a mortgage provider who can explain the implications of industry or lender changes on your application is crucial. They can offer tailored solutions suited to your situation.

Mortgage Knight Restores Your Advantage with Next Time Contractor Mortgages:

Amidst the array of mortgage advisers and firms, why opt for us for your subsequent property purchase or move? Standard mortgage providers often handle cases like yours as they do for employed individuals with payslips. This approach significantly hampers your chances of securing a mortgage. Instead, we understand how to present your accounts based on gross contract value, recognising that traditional accounts might not accurately depict your earnings. We provide an honest assessment of your situation’s likelihood of approval. Plus, our robust client base grants us access to some of the finest financial products tailored for contractors.

Feel free to reach out for more information on our service or the mortgage process. Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, whether you were a contractor during your first house purchase or not, we’re here to offer the expert guidance you require.

Call us today for a comprehensive quote customised to your contractor position and circumstances. Reach out or call us now to speak with one of our expert mortgage brokers on 02081437777.



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