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    First Time Buyer

    Thinking about buying your first home? In the UK, the average first-time buyer is now 30, the highest it’s ever been. Mortgages are tougher to get these days, so having the right info is key!


    Thinking about unlocking some cash tied up in your property? Whether that fits your plans or not, Mortgage Knight is here to offer tailored advice and support for your specific situation.

    Self Employed Mortgage

    Been told securing a mortgage as a self-employed person is near impossible? Think again! While it’s tough for everyone, not just the self-employed, finding the right mortgage is possible. The secret? Getting advice from someone who truly gets your situation.

    Buy to Let

    Nailing down the ideal property and mortgage rates sets the stage for your success. That’s where we come in. Understanding your needs as an investor—your budget and specific requirements—is our forte. We’re here to meet and exceed those needs.

    Moving Home

    That’s our cue! We get your distinct payment setup as a contractor, offering advice completely tailored to your specific situation.

    Second Mortgage

    Second mortgages should be simpler, but they’re often twice as complex! The initial perks and first-time buyer advantages no longer apply, making it tougher. Our specialized help ensures you secure the perfect mortgage for your needs.

    Mortgage Types

    You might’ve heard folks say, “Getting a mortgage as a self-employed person is tough.” It might seem limiting, but it’s not! It’s about picking the right mortgage and showcasing your earnings properly—exactly what we specialize in.

    contractor mortgage broker Reviews

    Mortgages Made for Contractors: hundreds of happy contractors


    A fantastic service. From start to finish Nudim is by far the best mortgage advisor I have met. He is passionate in helping with your application and goes above and beyond to get you the best outcome. I felt comfortable knowing he is managing my mortgage application. Thank you, will be using you in the future. Best Mark

    Raza Khan

    Nudim is one the top upmarket mortgage broker I’ve come across in London, he deals with everything so smoothly and diligently so that his clients don’t need to be worried. From the beginning he will let you know if your case is doable or not, so no grey areas. A true gentleman indeed! Highly recommended to anyone.

    Coco Guo

    After rather stressful research for brokers who would be able to solve our complicated situation to apply for suitable mortgage offer, we almost gave up the house purchasing process. Until a friend of mind recommended Nudim to me, he really has saved us from devastation. He is professional, knowledgeable and super easy to approach! He is also very honest and would explain everything in details. We are very grateful for his support! Highly recommended!

    Contractor Mortgages made easy

    Contractor Mortgages don’t have to be hard work…

    Let us assist in locating the optimal contractor mortgage for you. Our deep comprehension of lenders’ requirements enables us to pinpoint the deals aligning with your eligibility throughout the market. Count on our expertise in securing top-notch mortgages tailored specifically for contractors.

    Contractor Mortgages are easy with Mortgage Knight

    Specialised guidance is available for traditional mortgage seekers, self-employed individuals, contractors, and locum professionals, particularly focusing on day rate contractors and locum nurses. Leveraging extensive experience within the mortgage realm, we grasp the distinctive hurdles and requirements of our clientele. Our dedicated team is devoted to identifying personalized mortgage solutions that precisely fit your circumstances. Whether you hold a fixed salary, work for yourself, or operate as a day rate contractor, our expertise extends to securing the most advantageous mortgage offers. Acknowledging the income fluctuations and diverse work setups of day rate contractors and locum workers, we cater to their specific needs.

    specialist mortgages for contractors

    Getting Mortgages for contractors is what we do everyday

    Expert Mortgage Advice

    Receive expert mortgage guidance at no cost from our specialist broker.

    Tailored Mortgage

    Our specialists will skillfully present your case to the perfect lender, ensuring success from the get-go.

    Gross Contract Value

    No need for your accounts—just your contract. That’s all it takes to get your application approved.

    Reach Your Objective

    Allow us to assist in achieving your goals with straightforward, unbiased, and independent advice.

    More Options

    Broaden your mortgage choices with a Specialist Mortgage Broker for Contractors.

    Maximise Mortgage

    Secure a loan of up to 5 times your annualized rate for maximum borrowing potential, along with personalized advice to help you achieve your goals.

    Contractor Mortgage Broker: Specialist Mortgages for Contractors

    Specialist Mortgages for Contractors

    Contractor mortgages FAQ’s

    Is it necessary for me to have a two-year account history?

    Nope, you don’t need to. At Mortgage Knight, our partnered lenders evaluate you solely based on your daily contract rate. That means no need to prove years of contracting or show trading accounts. You don’t even need a year’s worth of figures—just your trusty contract does the trick.

    What’s the typical duration of the application process?

    The duration of the application process varies based on its specifics. However, an approximate timeframe of 7-10 working days can be provided.

    How much contracting experience is required?

    The main eligibility requirement for securing a contractor mortgage is being a contractor. Whether you’ve been contracting for a while or are just starting out, we can often assist contractors right from day one.

    Could you provide me with a decision in principle? How long does the process usually take?

    We can secure a decision in principle for you, often on the same day. However, depending on our workload, it might take up to 24 hours. We’ll provide precise timing details at that moment.

    What’s the required duration remaining on my contract?

    Lenders generally prefer to see at least 4 weeks remaining on your contract. If it’s shorter, they’d want to know if you have an extension or another contract lined up, and they’ll ask for evidence of this.

    What’s the fastest you can secure a mortgage for me?

    Typically, it takes about 2 weeks from application to securing a formal mortgage offer, but often, it can be even faster. Your Mortgage Knight advisor will provide you with the initial timeframe for your application.

    Are the interest rates different for a contractor mortgage?

    Simply put, the interest rate doesn’t differ if you’re a contractor. You’ll enjoy the same great products and terms as full-time employees. The only distinction lies in having an experienced mortgage broker specialized in contractor mortgages who adeptly presents your case to the lender.

    What sets you apart from an ordinary mortgage broker?

    With our focus on contractor mortgages and 99% of our business catering to contractors, we excel in getting it right the first time. Our expertise ensures that your credit rating remains unaffected by multiple applications.



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