Auction Finance

Auction finance is a specialized form of lending tailored to the needs of individuals or businesses looking to purchase property at auction. In the UK market, this type of finance is becoming increasingly popular due to the unique opportunities and challenges presented by property auctions. Here’s an overview of auction finance and how Mortgage Knight can assist in meeting your auction finance needs.

What is Auction Finance?

Auction finance is a type of short-term loan designed for real estate purchases at auction. The key characteristic of this finance is its speed – it allows buyers to access funds quickly to complete purchases within the tight deadlines typically set by auction houses.

Key Features:

  • Speed of Arrangement: Loans can often be arranged within days.
  • Flexible Terms: Typically, these loans have terms of 1-12 months.
  • Loan Amounts: Depending on the property value and the buyer’s circumstances, loans can cover a significant portion of the purchase price.
  • Security: The loan is usually secured against the property being purchased.

The UK Auction Market

In the UK, property auctions are a hotspot for investors and developers seeking to purchase properties at potentially lower prices than the open market. These properties can range from residential homes to commercial buildings and land.


  • Potential Bargains: Properties might be sold for less than market value.
  • Variety of Properties: A wide range of properties is available, including those not typically found on the regular market.
  • Speed of Purchase: The auction process is much quicker than the traditional property buying process.


  • Need for Quick Payment: Typically, a 10% deposit is required on the day of the auction, and the balance within 28 days.
  • Risk of Overbidding: Competitive bidding can lead to paying over the odds.

How Mortgage Knight Can Help

Mortgage Knight, a UK-based financial services provider, offers tailored solutions for auction finance. Here’s how they can assist:

Expert Advice from Auction Finance Brokers:

  • Understanding Your Needs: Mortgage Knight’s experts take the time to understand your specific requirements and guide you through the auction process.
  • Tailored Solutions: They provide bespoke financing options that fit your financial situation and investment strategy.

Specialist Auction Finance, Quick and Efficient Service:

  • Speed: Understanding the urgency, Mortgage Knight strives to process your application swiftly.
  • Flexibility: They offer flexible lending criteria, catering to a wide range of borrowers, including those with complex income structures or credit histories.

Post-Auction Support:

  • Refinancing Options: After your purchase, Mortgage Knight can assist in refinancing your auction finance into a more traditional mortgage, if required.
  • Ongoing Guidance: They offer continued support and advice for your property investment journey.

Auction finance is a vital tool for those looking to invest in the UK property market through auctions. With its quick access to funds and flexibility, it suits the dynamic nature of property auctions. Mortgage Knight stands out as a reliable partner, offering expert advice, quick service, and personalized solutions to help you navigate the auction landscape successfully. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to property auctions, partnering with Mortgage Knight can enhance your buying experience and increase your chances of success in this competitive arena.



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