barclays contractor mortgage

Barclays Bank is renowned for offering attractive interest rates and is a prominent lender in the market. However, due to their high demand, arranging an appointment with a Barclays Mortgage Advisor can take some time.

While Barclays often indicates a willingness to assist with contractor mortgages, currently, they are not equipped to provide this specific service. The traditional personal relationship with a high street bank manager, who once had the discretion to make decisions based on individual merit, has become a thing of the past. Now, decisions are largely driven by automated processes. This is not just a Barclays phenomenon but a common trend among most lenders.

Regardless of whether you’re a premier customer at Barclays, they do not currently offer mortgages to contractors. This makes navigating Barclays Contractor Mortgages particularly challenging. Expert advice from our team is essential to ensure you approach this correctly and explore the best possible options for your mortgage needs.



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